Industrial Differentials

Mitchell Differential has extensive experience in developing and producing Industrial Differentials for a wide variety of vehicles and different types of equipment. Building custom industrial type differentials requires extensive knowledge of all the possible options, axles types, and gear configurations. You can have confidence that we at Mitchell Differential have the expertise to customize the exact type of industrial differential you need. Below are a few pics from our satisfied customers.

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The PC732

industrial differentialsThe PC 732 is manufactured by Rohmac, Inc. in West Virginia and is used in mining applications. We designed and built steer-able front & rear differential assemblies to withstand the off-road conditions that are part of it’s every day routine.

Ripsaw MS1

The Ripsaw MS1 is manufactured by Howe & Howe Technologies in Maine and is used in military applications. It’s diesel engine delivers approximately 600 hp & allows this 9000 lb vehicle to reach speeds of over 60 mph. We manufactured the alloy axle shafts that have grueling task of delivering all that horse power to the track drive. For a peak at how they perform, check out

TPX 9000

The TPX 9000 is manufactured by PLE, Inc. in Beresford, South Dakota. It is the only driveable & towable scissor lift on the market. We designed & built the lock-out hub & axle shafts assembly for this unit.