The MD Full Float Rear Differential Conversion Kit

full float differential conversion kit100% GRADE A BEEF! That’s the best way to describe the MD Full Float Conversion Kit. With Billet steel hubs and spindles, and 1541 alloy steel axle shafts, this kit is a rear differential’s ultimate upgrade. The concept is basically the same as what you’d find on any one-ton rear. The spindles are mounted to the rear housing, and the hubs ride on the spindles with inner and outer bearings. The axle shafts are then bolted to the hubs, where their only job is to deliver torque. Meanwhile the spindles and hubs carry all the weight of the vehicle. You could actually snap both rear axle shafts, and still drive home with your front diff. Made in the good old U.S.A. with CNC technology, this kit is the best way to get rid of those weak C-clip axle shafts or those even weaker two-piece axle shafts. This kit is not only available for most GM, Ford, Dodge, Jeep, and International rear diff’s, but is also available for many custom-built rear diff’s as well. Patent pending.

Complete Full Floater Conversion Kit … $1289.00