Ford 9″ Rear Differential

We build and rebuild Ford 9″ Rear Differentials. The Ford 9″ Differential is a common product. We’ve worked on hundreds of them over the years and have more experience than anyone on the planet. If you need a Ford 9 inch differential call or email us to discuss your needs and we’d be happy to give you a price for the work.

As you may know the Ford 9″ differential is a widely used and sought after product. Ford stopped making it in about 1986 but there are companies that still make a version of the Ford 9″.

The Ford 9″ is unique in several ways:

  • the differential gears are only visible when the center cover is removed on the pinion (front) side of the axle through which the driveshaft yoke connects.
  • To access the gearset the driveshaft is disconnected.
  • You have the ability to work on the diff gears and change clearances in an open space rather than having to work on them in the awkward position within the axle housing under the vehicle.
  • The Ford 9″ is a semi-floating axle. It had a GAWR up to 3600 lbs.