Full Float Differential Kit Amsterdam

Yet another cool opportunity we had last year was fulfilling an order from Amsterdam for a full float conversion kit. This was the first time we sent one of our full float kits overseas. The gentlemen was searching on Google for a full float solution and came across our website. Since he had no other reasonable options in Europe he was glad to pay the additional shipping cost to get the diff kit in his hand. With 4140 alloy steel hubs and spindles, and 1541 alloy steel axle shafts, this kit is the best rear differential upgrade you can imagine. What you would find on any one-ton rear, this concept was 10 years in the making. The spindles are mounted to the rear housing, and the hubs ride on the spindles with inner and outer bearings. The axle shafts are then bolted to the hubs, where their only job is to deliver torque. Meanwhile the spindles and hubs carry all the weight of the vehicle. You could actually snap both rear axle shafts, and still drive home with your front diff.
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Dan Mitchell is Owner of Mitchell Differential in Shrewsbury Mass. Everyone's nerdy about something-- Dan is the world's biggest differential geek. Challenge him with your project and chances are you'll get exactly what you are looking for and then some.

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