Custom Land Crusier Axles Shipped to Australia

I thought a unique way of launching this blog would be to highlight some of the most interesting projects we had the priveledge of taking on last year (2010). The first one that came to mind was the chance to ship our first parts to Australia. In the past we’ve had requests to ship custom differentials and axles to Europe but this order was a first for us. In fact a few years ago we had to switch the giant USA pin map on our office wall to a Global pin map. There’s a handful of pins in Europe, but so far only one in Australia.

The custom Land Cruiser Axles weren’t anything terribly flashy, but it’s still nice to be recognized for our quality even on the other side of the world. The gentlemen who ordered the Land Cruiser axles says there’s not much for custom differential or custom axles on the continent of Australia. It’s tempting to pick up shop and go open a garage on the beach, but for now we’ll keep enduring the cold New England winters.

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Dan Mitchell is Owner of Mitchell Differential in Shrewsbury Mass. Everyone's nerdy about something-- Dan is the world's biggest differential geek. Challenge him with your project and chances are you'll get exactly what you are looking for and then some.

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