Custom Dana 44 Axle Shafts

One of our most common orders is custom Dana 44 axle shafts. In fact it’s one of our specialties. Although I can’t prove it, I’m pretty sure we’ve made more of these in the past ten years than any other differential or fabrication shop on the east coast.  We can usually ship these in 1-2 from when you place your order.

For a little bit of history about the Dana 44 we look to Wikipedia:

“The Dana/Spicer Model 44 is an automotive axle manufactured by Dana Corp. and is used extensively among automobile manufacturers and in the automotive aftermarket area as well. The Dana 44 was first manufactured in the 1940s and is still being manufactured today, both front and rear axle variants. The Dana 44 has been manufactured as a beam axleand independent suspension for both front and rear axle setups. There are also different variations of the Dana 44. Over a dozen automobile manufacturers have made vehicles that feature Dana 44 axles, including Jeep which currently manufactures Four-wheel drive vehicles that feature both front and rear Dana 44 axles.”

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Dan Mitchell is Owner of Mitchell Differential in Shrewsbury Mass. Everyone's nerdy about something-- Dan is the world's biggest differential geek. Challenge him with your project and chances are you'll get exactly what you are looking for and then some.

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