Custom Axles for the Howe & Howe Ripsaw Tank

About 18 months ago we were contacted by Howe & Howe Technologies to produce axles for one of the their vehicles. Now we’ve made axles and custom differentials for some pretty nice rides (jeeps, drag race cars, hot rods, etc.) But you can image my surprise when Mike Howe asked if I could build some custom axles for their Ripsaw Tank! After a while of talking about what they were looking for, I told him we could get the job done. If it’s a custom alloy axle you’re looking for, chances are we can build it. Last year Howe and Howe had a show that aired Tuesday nights on the Discovery Channel. And now they have a second show called Black Ops Brothers which airs on Mondays.

This vehicle is just one of many industrial or heavy duty vehicles for which we’ve had the opportunity to fabricate axles or differentials.

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Dan Mitchell is Owner of Mitchell Differential in Shrewsbury Mass. Everyone's nerdy about something-- Dan is the world's biggest differential geek. Challenge him with your project and chances are you'll get exactly what you are looking for and then some.

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